Pool Cleaning

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

Silver Plan - $80 per Week up to 25,000 gallons (With a Credit Card on File)

$95 if pool is between 25 to 40k gallons

$120 if pool is between 40 to 60k gallons


  • Brush and or Vac pool
  • Check equipment
  • Empty baskets (pump and skimmers)
  • Backwash sand filter or de filters if needed
  • Includes ph Adjuster, Alkalinity Plus, Calcium Plus, Stabilizer Increaser

**Salt, DE powder, chlorine shock, bromine shock, tabs, phos remover, algaecide, enzymes, and algae treatments will be charged separately.**


Filter Cleaning

Filter Cleanings are not Included in weekly service.

Sand Filters / Sand Change

  •   0" - 20" Sand Filter $299 + Sand
  • 20" - 23" Sand Filter $349 + Sand
  • 24" - 27" Sand Filter $399 + Sand
  • 30" - 35" Sand Filter $449 + Sand
  • 36"+       Sand Filter $499 + Sand

Cartridge Filter / DE Filter

  • Cartridge Cleaning $175
  • DE Grid Cleaning    $175 + DE

Pool Opening

We open pools for the upcoming pool season and get the pool swim ready.

  • Remove and stow away cover
  • Unplug skimmers and return jets
  • Starting up equipment pad
  • Removing all debris from pool
  • Balancing the water chemistry

An opening is 3-4 visits and costs $400. Chemicals used are an additional cost. If you have chemicals on hand and

Make them available to us we will use them and that will help to mitigate your costs. For an opening the goal is

To get the pool clear and ready for balancing. If you were to sign up for weekly service we can balance for you.

Service & Repair

Generally, service and repair jobs start at $225 Per Job

  • Filter Install     $299 to $499 + Sand & Plumbing
  • Heater Install  $524 + Plumbing & Gas
  • Pump Install    $224 + Plumbing
  • Salt Cell Install $349 + Salt & Plumbing
  • Diagnostics      $224
  • Pool Tutorials  $299

Prices are not set. Call for a Quote, because every job is different big and small, and we want to help get our customers fair and reasonable pricing. Jobs are scheduled up to two weeks out at times, so planning is key. Our phone lines are made for text and photos, so please send lots of them to help identify the problem and the parts needed, without having to get diagnostics done first. Big jobs may need a site visit to get grasp the whole scale of the problem. After a certain level, the job will be taken on as a renovation and moved to the renovation department.